Greenville Gateway

Our Vision and Objectives

A multi-year process will incorporate community-based goals into a framework plan that will create a unified vision for public and private investments within this unique and often overlooked corridor that serves as the gateway to Downtown Greenville.

The process and implementation will be directed by a team of planners from PLUSURBIA DESIGN with assistance and input from elected officials, businesses, property owners, local planning agencies, and other stakeholders.

Our main goal is to provide a forum to discuss the future of our district as it pertains to:

  • Improving the quality of life for the neighborhood’s residents, workers and visitors making this district a referent in Greenville’s efforts to become an equitable and thriving city.
  • Revitalizing and improving the district in a manner that it creates a signature gateway into downtown.
  • Foster context sensitive investment that provides housing and job opportunities closer to downtown.
  • Assessing how new development should be integrated into the district, protecting the historic nature of the Pettigru Historic District and enhancing East North Street as well as the properties north of the street.
  • Reconsider the neighborhoods’ connectivity to downtown and nearby assets and propose ways to improve safe and equitable mobility within the neighborhood.
  • Revitalizing and engaging the Bon Secours Arena and the county’s civic land as part of a unified district vision.

Project Partners

Press Releases & Announcements

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